Technics Launches 50th Anniversary Turntable In New Colors

The iconic inventor behind the turntable loved by hip-hop legends and deejays debuts the revamped SL-1200M7L in new colors.

50 years ago, the audio world was changed forever (not an understatement) with the introduction of the first direct-drive turntable, turning into an industry standard loved the world over — Technics is throwing it all the way back to its roots with a limited-edition SL-1200M7L to mark the occasion.


The Technics moniker was first used by Japanese audio brand Matsushita, now known as Panasonic, and that moniker ended up on the decks, literally of the pioneering turntable. The motor-based turntable was prized for its utility and speed by deejays, unlike belt-driven turntables of days gone by, and deejays became fast fans.

The rest, as they say, is history, as the direct-drive made it easier for the likes of Grand Wizard Theodore to scratch decks. Now, you can upgrade your home audio system with an homage to the classic OG style, and in new vivid color options, to boot.


Each addition comes with a special-edition badge and serial number, and is outfitted appropriately with a gold tone arm in a nod to five decades of audio excellence.

The SL-1200M7L comes in seven vivid color options to suit every taste, but it goes beyond just looks. The direct-drive utility remains the same, and a high-rigidity cabinet with a high-damping insulator amps up audio quality even further.

It’s a turntable truly made for vinyl enthusiasts, and record collectors will also love the gold slipmat with the Technics logo.


Additional features like torque/brake speed adjustment provide a next-level amount of precision, while touches like a reverse play-enabled design are another nod to deejay and street culture.

Here’s the tricky part, though: Only 12,000 units will be available worldwide, so adding a piece of history and heritage to your home audio system is going to require care, attention to detail and fast action.

It’s certainly difficult enough to choose your favorite limited-edition colorway to begin with (each was selected as an homage to street culture), but you can rest easy knowing that iconic Technics quality holds true.

For good measure, your purchase comes with two limited-edition stickers in addition to that legendary slipmat and outstanding audio quality. 50 years of the best turntable technology in the world is something that belongs in any record lover’s collection.

Your favorite vinyl records have never sounded so great.