21 Great Tech Gifts For Guys

There’s something here for everyone.

Credit: Hover Helmets/Polaroid/Chemex

From the kitchen to the office to the living room and beyond, these can’t-miss tech gifts are sure to please practically any guy on your gift list this year. 

NFL Hover Helmets 

Credit: Hover Helmets

There’s no better way to show team spirit than a disembodied and floating football helmet sitting on your desk or shelf. Hover Helmets are available for any NFL team so you can get one to cheer up even the saddest Cleveland Browns fan. $119.95 (Buy)

Apple iPad Pro 11” 

Credit: Apple

Apple’s newest iPad has a thinner bezel, ditched the button and packs tons of power into its ever-slimmer design. The 11″ should do the trick for any casual user but consider pumping up to the 12.9″ if the person on your list has plans to use this for personal AND business purposes. $799 (Buy)

Oculus Go 

Credit: Oculus

All the wonderful experiences of the Oculus Rift but none of the need for a hardcore PC to run it, the Oculus Go is perfect for anyone interested in VR but without the major commitment. $199 (Buy)

Creative iRoar Bluetooth Speaker 

Credit: Creative

Creative has struck the perfect balance between sound quality, volume and extra functions with the iRoar bluetooth speaker. Able to pump crystal clear tunes indoor or out, this sleek and simple box will pair with any bluetooth device, can act as a speakerphone on a whim and will also charge any USB device attached to it. $199 (Buy)

Polaroid One-Step Instant Camera 

Credit: Polaroid

Now that smartphone cameras are giving DSLRs a run for their money, the resurgence of retro camera equipment is coming strong and nothing will give you a more satisfying retro feeling than snapping pics with this classic and shaking them until they develop. Make sure to splurge for the film bundle when picking up this wonderful piece of photography history. $119.95 (Buy)

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 

Credit: Microsoft

Plenty of computers can run Windows but Microsoft’s own hardware just does it better. It’s hard not to be impressed with the versatility, power and price of the Surface Pro 2, easily able to conquer any office task when fully assembled and equally capable of all your couch browsing and watching when the detachable keyboard comes off and it functions like a tablet. $999 (Buy)

Xbox Elite Special Edition White 

Credit: Microsoft

If Smith & Wesson made a gaming controller, this would be it. Weighty but perfectly balanced and made from rugged materials, the Elite controller is an utter necessity for gamers that want the best, most customizable equipment out there. Once you switch to the Elite, it’s impossible to go back. $149.99 (Buy)

Xbox One X Forza bundle 

Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft’s 4K powerhouse is in its second year and every single game looks better and loads faster on it. Several bundles are out there for any type of gamer but the Forza bundle pushes the possibilities of how good a game can look with a huge variety of spot-on supercars gleaming around every corner. $429 (Buy)

PS4 Pro Red Dead Redemption 2 Bundle 

Credit: Sony/Rockstar

Playstation’s own 4K offering provides an astounding sense of realism with every game it plays. This year the bundle of note is one that includes the blockbuster Red Dead Redemption 2 but no one would fault you for picking up the equally enticing Spider-Man bundle either. $462.99 (Buy)

Seneo Fast Wireless Charger 

Credit: Seneo

Almost every phone out there right now is capable of wireless charging so why not take advantage of this awesome tech? Seneo’s upright wireless fast charger has all the benefits of a dock for your nightstand or office desk but with the added bonus of being able to carelessly toss your phone on it and have it top off your battery. $17.99 (Buy)

Chefman Dehydrator

Credit: Chefman

Sure, you can make delicious fruity treats with a dehydrator but everyone knows they’re the fastest way to homemade jerky. Give this Chefman to any hunter or culinary wizard you know and try not to make it too obvious that you expect some delicious dried beef in return. $99.99 (Buy)

Apple AirPods 

Credit: Apple

There are some excellent Apple alternatives in the wireless earbud space but the fact remains that AirPods are, hands-down, the easiest, most intuitive and most comfortable option out there, especially for those with iPhones, iPads or Macbooks. $159 (Buy)

Amazon Cloud Cam 

Credit: Amazon

Amazon touts this little guy as a security camera but the simple truth is that it can provide a fly on the wall experience in just about any situation, from monitoring pets to capturing keggers to, you know, actual security. Instantly connectable to any wifi network and easily controlled and viewed via an app on your phone, Amazon’s Cloud Cam is much more useful and fun than its narrow marketing would have you believe. $119.99 (Buy)

Storz and Bickel Mighty Portable Vaporizer 

Credit: Storz and Bickel

There are plenty of places where weed is now totally legal and there are plenty of ways to vape it but if you’re interested in an effective and tasty way to get high on the low, Storz and Bickel (the company behind the legendary Volcano desktop vape) offer the Mighty portable vape. You’ll never be able to go back to a Pax after using one of these. $349 (Buy)

DJI Mavic Air 

Credit: DJI

The Mavic Air may be more entry level than some of DJI’s pricier offerings but it still gets outstanding results in terms of drone photography. It’s a great rig for incoming enthusiasts to get familiar with the hobby before making a bigger commitment for more hardcore equipment$699 (Buy)

Netgear Orbi Mesh Wifi and Smart Speaker

Credit: Netgear

Erase any wifi coverage issues your house may have while also adding a heavy-duty Harmon Kardon smartspeaker into the mix; that’s what this Orbi pack can do. Sound quality is top notch and delivers music from any number of streaming apps while making sure wifi reaches every nook and cranny of your home. $429 (Buy)

Away Aluminum Smart Carry On 

Credit: Away

Indestructible, spacious and surprisingly good looking, this carry on from the tech-forward luggage company, Away, actually packs USB ports right at the top of it to keep your devices topped off so you’re not stranded without power. Bonus is that these pieces of luggage actually have a removable battery to keep them TSA compliant and keep you away from hassles at the gate. $495 (Buy)

Amazon Fire TV Cube 

Credit: Amazon

Mixing Alexa’s capabilities with all the media options from a Fire TV, the Cube is a single-step solution to keeping your living room connected on the cheap. This is the perfect complement for making the most out of all the entertainment options that come with an Amazon Prime subscription. $59.99 (Buy)

Samsung 8 Series 4K Smart TV 

Credit: Samsung

Samsung’s 4K QLED TVs provide stunning images, beautiful colors and a vast improvement in the speed and ease of its smart TV user interface, especially when compared with the models of yesteryear. Avoid the models made specifically for Black Friday – they’re made cheaper to be sold cheaper specifically for those sales – and choose one of these to future-proof your living room for the next decade. $2,297.99 (Buy)

Chemex Ottomatic Coffee Brewer 

Credit: Chemex

Chemex is the premiere name in pour-over coffee, the method that gives the tastiest results over and over but pour-over can be a time-consuming and intricate process. The Ottomatic takes the guesswork out of that process, automating the steps to make sure you get consistently delicious results every time. $350 (Buy)

Philips Airfryer 

Credit: Philips

Make all of your favorite fried foods at home and get crispy results without all the oil. Philips’ Airfryer can also grill, roast and bake in addition, making it a versatile appliance that should be a staple in any kitchen. $99.99 (Buy)