Meet The Smartphone That Comes Equipped With Leica Cameras

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is teaming up with the high-end German camera brand to upgrade its flagship model.


Smartphone camera systems may be close to maxed out with regard to lens count and general capability, but Chinese brand Xiaomi has still found a way to majorly level-up its flagship model’s photographic pedigree.

The new, Android OS-based Xiaomi 14 Ultra and Xiaomi 14 feature lenses by Leica, the revered German camera company that, like the best watchmakers, offers products that are sought-after not only for their utility but their collectability and top-shelf reputation.


According to CNET, the new Xiaomi is the third-biggest smartphone maker behind Apple and Samsung, despite the fact that its phones aren’t sold in the U.S.

The flagship Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s main selling point is its arrangement of four rear-facing cameras housed in a sizable camera bump. The primary camera features a 50-megapixel 1-inch sensor—among the largest available in a smartphone—allowing for more light and therefore brighter photos with more detail. The extra-large sensor is paired with a 23mm lens that features a f/1.63-to-f/4.0 aperture, allowing the user to adjust the light levels, field of depth and focus.

Additionally, the 14 Ultra also has 3.2x 75mm telephoto lens, a 5x120mm telephoto lens, 12mm ultrawide angle lens, 32-megapixel front-facing camera, and an optional “Photography Kit” accessory that features a grip with a two-stage shutter button, zoom lever, customizable video recording button, customizable dial, and battery bank.


Meanwhile, the Xiaomi 14 features a trio of lenses—wide, ultrawide and telephoto—housed in a more discreet camera bump. CNET reports that both phones can be safely submerged in water for up to 30 minutes, support 90-watt wired charging and wireless charging, and feature AI-enhanced capabilities like image search and a portrait function that creates novel compositions derived from pre-existing images.

Currently, the Xiaomi 14 range is set to be released in Europe in the UK in March, with the Xiaomi 14 Ultra priced from the equivalent of $1,650 and the Xiaomi 14 priced from $1,080.