Todd Snyder Teams With Harley-Davidson To Celebrate Americana In New Capsule Collection

The collaboration of moto-inspired gear marks the first time Harley-Davidson has teamed up with an outside designer.

Todd Snyder x Harley-Davidson

Truly great menswear staples have an enduring legacy behind them, just like trailblazing brands that do remarkable things, over and over again: Both of those admirable approaches come together in the standout new Todd Snyder x Harley-Davidson Collection.

Set to debut on February 25th, the collection unites the iconic American motorsports brand with one of America’s best designers, at the same time carrying on Snyder’s legacy of teaming with similarly all-American brands.

Snyder’s work with Champion is at the core of the new collection, which centers around stylish, bold graphic tees, a moto-inspired cotton windbreaker and a rugged trucker jacket. It also follows on the heels of Snyder’s capsule collection with Converse and his wildly popular collaborations with L.L. Bean.

Todd Snyder x Harley-Davidson

It’s also notable in its scope and history-making impact: The capsule marks the first time the long-running, pioneering Harley-Davidson (founded 119 years ago) has let an outside designer into its archives.

Snyder pored through classic Harley gear to come up with a collection inspired by some of the road-ready pieces the motorcycle brand helped bring into the menswear mainstream, like leather jackets and workwear.

The collection draws heavily from bold, eye-catching Harley-Davidson graphics through the years, and owes a particular debt of gratitude to Harley-Davidon’s first catalogs, launched in 1912.

“I was really inspired by the technical gear–racing sweaters that reminded me of vintage football jerseys–and the graphics, some which were over a century old and others from The Sixties and Seventies,” Snyder said.

Todd Snyder x Harley-Davidson

In the earliest days of motorsports, the farm and its rugged workwear styles were a massive part of racing, and Harley’s racing teams specifically.

It makes sense that legendary workwear styles are a backbone of the partnership, along with more modern touches, like Champion’s super-soft yet throwback-inclined graphic tees (perfect for teaming with the collaboration’s trucker jacket before you hit the road).

Todd Snyder x Harley-Davidson

Our personal favorite might be the hard-working quarter-zip, a burly number built for the road and emblazoned with a sporting-inspired Harley-Davidson emblem on the front. It looks like something you’d find on the back of Marlon Brando or James Dean, and that’s not a bad item to have in your wardrobe.

If Snyder’s other collaborations with famed American brands are any indication, this new offering won’t be around for very long once it hits shelves. Bookmark that landing page and get ready to rev things up on February 25th with Todd Snyder and Harley-Davidson.