Traeger’s New Timberline Grill Upgrades Wood Pellet Cooking With Touchscreens And A ‘FreeFlow’ Firepot

Get cookin’.

Traeger is kicking off the 2022 barbecue season with a pair of new top-tier grills packed with more wood pellet cooking wizardry than ever.


The previous flagship’s Timberline name now refers to two redesigned models—the Timberline (880-square-inch cooking area) and Timberline XL (1,320 square-inches of cooking area).

The most immediately apparent new features include a full touchscreen display with incremental temperature capability—a step up from the button-based controller found on the previous generation. On the opposite flank is an outdoor-ready Induction Cooktop, providing a second surface to sear a steak or saute accoutrements.


There are also new things happening under the lid. More consistent cooks are made possible thanks to a combination of hotter stainless steel insulation and a smart combustion system that employs sensors to monitor temps and prevent flare-ups.

The FreeFlow firepot ups the amount of available smoke, while the grease bucket dangling on the side has been replaced by an EZ-Clean Grease & Ash Keg unit. The wired thermometer is out in favor of two wireless Meater thermometers, and a P.A.L. (Pop-And-Lock) rail system offers a way to add on accessories like a storage bin, folding table, or utensil hooks.


The design improves upon Traeger’s already impressive core platform, including a now-more powerful “WiFire” antenna that links the grill to a smartphone (or Apple Watch) app, from which users have full control of functions, as well as access to recipes and pre-loaded cook cycles.


The Traeger Timberline and Timberline XL will retail for $3,499 and $3,799 when they go on sale this spring.