This Futuristic Smart Bike’s Anti-Theft System Literally Stops Crooks in Their Tracks

Ditch your bike lock for good.

VanMoof Bike Promo

VanMoof’s Electrified S2 and X2 bikes are here to cycle you into the future. 

Both models pack the same superpowers, with the only practical difference being max rider height. 

As the the video above shows, a smart stealth lock immobilizes the unit with anti-theft nuts and bolts when parked at the rack. A Bluetooth-powered rider recognition system sounds a loud warning sound if anyone so much as touches the frame, followed by an urgent alarm if a would-be crook gets too handsy. 

At this point, someone could potentially hoist all 40-pounds of screaming-and-flashing aluminum into the bed of a pickup and haul off, but they wouldn’t get far. Once reported stolen in a smartphone app, a GPS signal is emitted that allows you or VanMoof’s “Bike Hunters” to pinpoint its location. 


The sophisticated anti-theft system is only one of these bikes’ many awesome selling points. Both cruise at a max speed of 20 mph for up to 90 miles and take only four hours to fully charge, allowing them to take on commutes of almost any length. 

Beefy, puncture-resistant can be stopped on a dime via mechanical disc brakes, and a fully-enclosed drivetrain ensures that the gears stay gunk-free. You can even jam out while you ride thanks to a built-in speaker. 

The first of these badass bikes are scheduled to ship this fall, and you can reserve one now from VanMoof for $100 to get $1000 off the $3400 retail price. Get a closer look at both models in the gallery above. 

h/t: Design Boom