The Wellograph Is Like Every Other Wrist Tracker, But Way Better

The Wellograph wrist-based tracker is elegantly designed and extremely accurate.

If you really want to wear a wrist-based tracker, then make sure its one that syncs with your style as well as your smartphone. With its crystal face and leather watchband, the Wellograph is worthy of a spot on your wrist. And it’s all about keeping things simple: every step you take, every beat your heart makes, and every sleep you take, it’ll be watching you. But it doesn’t bother to try to act like a smart watch—no email or call notifications.

The step tracking is on par with other fitness watches, and you can increase the sensitivity if you think it’s shortchanging you. The watch display pushes you to keep active by constantly showing how much you’ve moved that day, and you can drill down for details like heart rate, which is gathered via a medical-grade sensor. It’s accurate and efficient, but never overbearing — more of a casual observer than a device that beats you over the head with calls to action. Of course, Wellograph syncs via Bluetooth with a free iOS, Android, or Windows Phone app; it shows the ups and downs in your steps over time and you can see when your heart races most frequently. And unlike many fitness trackers, you won’t have to constantly charge it: We found it easily went five days on a full charge (Wellograph claims you can get seven). The crystal face adds a bit of bulk, so you may need to loosen your cuffs—or just roll up your sleeves and let people admire your taste. It’s a winner. [$300;]