Woman with a Tool: : Lumber Jacked

This chain saw is sharper than your average wood eater. By the way, that tree just looked at you funny!

You may not share our dream of winning the Hot Saw competition at the Lumberjack World Championships and spending the next five years fighting off jean- shorts-wearing groupies (some of them female!). But that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a top-notch chain saw like the Stihl MS 280. At less than 12 pounds, it’s light enough to tote around the yard, yet its 2.7-kilowatt engine gives the chain plenty of bite. And thanks to a handy microprocessor, it constantly adjusts the fuel-air mixture for optimum efficiency in all conditions. That means you can pull the cord and clear-cut your neighbor’s intruding branches with reckless abandon. Can’t you smell the glory now? (Hint: It smells like gasoline.) $500, stihlusa.com

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