5 Reasons Why Semi-Private Workouts Are the Hottest Fitness Trend of 2016

It’s time to blend the best of both worlds.


For years, you’ve heard of one-on-one training and group training, but neither are as great as you may think. While working with a fitness expert can be beneficial due to individual attention, custom programming, and motivation (with the right coach), it can also be an extremely costly service with limited availability. With group training, it might appear cost effective and an opportunity to be social, but it doesn’t take an individual’s limitations into consideration. This is why so many people get injured during certain fitness regimes. 

Because the good always outweighs the bad, here’s a solution that combines both aspects of one-on-one and group training but without the negatives: Semi-private training.

As a fan of both ‘1 on 1’ and group training, fitness expert and personal trainer Don Saladino of Drive495 (the guy who trains superheroes like Deadpool‘s Ryan Reynolds and Captain America‘s Sebastian Stan, among others) shared his tips on why semi-private training is the hottest new trend to follow in 2016. Follow his guidelines, and you’ll understand why you’ll want to hop on the bandwagon as soon as possible.

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Eyes Are Still On You 
There’s roughly one coach to every three to four clients. Even though you’re not working individually with a personal trainer, you are still reaping the benefits of having someone pay attention to your needs while getting motivated by those around you. You’re cheating the system in the best way possible.

You Can Pick Your Poison
Each client still does their own program, despite being around other people. You can still focus on the areas you’re looking to improve all while laughing at the bros struggling next to you.

You’ll Have Money in the Bank
This is much more cost effective than paying for a one-on-one session, which means more bills saved for all those post-gym hookers and blow. Or maybe just a fruit smoothie. Whatever you prefer.

You Can Still Buddy Up
Semi-private training is a lot more motivating and social because you’re not working alone. Make use of the group around you, whether to find that reliable gym companion who will always save you a spot, or that one girl who doesn’t realize her leggings are completely see-through. Did we mention semi-private training is a great place to meet someone?

Time Is on Your Side
There’s a lot of time flexibility because it’s rare that slots will be filled. This allows a little more room when jumping from one time slot to another. It’s not like you’re heading to SoulCycle, so forget throwing fists to land a solid workout space.

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