This Axe Throwing Workout Is The Manliest Thing You’ll Watch All Day

Prepare to get lumber-jacked.


(Photo: Getty)

Listen up, gentlemen. It’s time to release your inner lumberjack, because there’s a new workout you need to try – axe throwing. That’s right, hurling axes at things.

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Commonly known as a favorite pasttime on farms, axe throwing is gaining popularity as a workout nationwide, with training zones constantly opening up in different cities.

When you think of a hulking lumberjack chopping shit up with an axe, you might imagine a big, burly dude with beard. Not the phony lumberjack-looking barista at your local coffee shop, but an actual woodsman with jacked arms and shoulders. You can thank his trusty axe for that. 

Launching an axe like a lumberjack works you core, shoulders, back, and arms, as well as your mind. Because what’s more stress relieving than chucking axes at things? Nothing. Just imagine that axe hacking into everything you hate, for one of the best (and manliest) workouts you’ll ever try.