A Beginner’s Guide to Bench Pressing

Do you even lift, bro?


The art of a good bench press is probably a workout staple for men across the globe. Dudes focus on this universal lifting process to get bigger and feel superior, but the real question is — are they even doing it right? 

Fitness expert and personal trainer Don Saladino of Drive495 (the guy who trains superhero actors like Deadpool‘s Ryan Reynolds and Captain America‘s Sebastian Stan, among others) shared his beginner’s guide to bench pressing. Follow his simple guidelines, and soon enough you’ll be giving Superman a run for his money. 

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To develop a strong bench, you need to bench more frequently but still manage the intensity. It’s not always about how hard you go, but how smart you are. Listening to your body is important. Here’s what you should be doing:

Monday: Hold a weight that you could potentially a get 1-2 more reps with.
– Flat bench for 5×5 reps 
– Incline dumbbell press for 3×15-20 reps
– Pull-ups 5,4,3,2,1
– Any rowing movement for 4×10 reps
JM presses for 4×8 reps
– Hanging leg raise for 3×10 reps

Tuesday: Focus simply on your lower body.

Wednesday: Take the day off!

Thursday: This should be about speed with weight control.
– Go back to a basic bench press for 8×3 reps on 1 min rest
– Alternating dumbbell military press for 4×10 reps
– Inverted row for 4×10 reps
– Close grip pull down for 4×10 reps
Landmines for 3×10 reps

Friday: Focus simply on your lower body.

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