This Is The Age When You’ll Have The Best Sex Of Your Life

The good news? It’s later than you think.

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If you thought you hit your sexual peak in your twenties or thirties and that it just goes downhill from there, have I got good news for you!

According to a recent study published on the online platform Happify, the best sex of your life doesn’t happen until your late 40s, which is fantastic news for all you gracefully aging dudes out there.

For the study, researchers asked people in their 50s and 60s about their sex lives and when they think they hit their sexual peak, and the majority of participants said they had the best sex ever in their 40s, and interestingly, the specific age for the greatest, most mind-blowing sex was found to be 46.

Why 46? I don’t know. But just know that 46 is the magic number.

This actually makes so much sense, considering most twentysomethings don’t even know what they truly like in bed, and they just get fucked up on shots and go home with a rando, whereas older, wiser folks usually employ a better hookup strategy.

So, if you’re swiftly approaching your 40s and you’re upset about getting old, at least you have something to look forward to! I mean, your late 40s might involve packing on some pounds and maybe catchiing a receding hairline, but you’ll also have stellar sex, which makes up for the negatives, I guess.

Furthermore, a similar study conducted by researchers from the University of Minnesota and Stony Brook University also found that sex is like a fine wine that gets better with age, and your sex life improves drastically over the course of your life.

In the study, the researchers followed over 6,000 people between the ages of 20 and 93 for 18 years, and discovered that as they got older, the quality of their sexcapades got better and better with each passing year. Nice.

And so, with that said, don’t fret about getting older. Be happy instead, because great sex awaits, and that’s all that matters.