These are the 10 Best Sex Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

Learn tips and advice from sexperts on these hilarious and informative podcasts.

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(Photo: Getty)

Do you love sex? Do you love podcasts? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, you’re in luck—we’ve compiled a master list of 10 of the best sex podcasts out there that’ll help anyone become a better lover.

And even for those who think they know everything there is to know about sex, well, they’re probably wrong and should listen to these killer podcasts anyway, because as Sir Francis Bacon (or Schoolhouse Rock, whichever) once said, “knowledge is power.”

1. Call Her Daddy

Hosted by Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn, the buzzy new podcast from Barstool Sports explicitly covers all things sex and dating from the eyes of two 20-something New Yorkers, so you’re sure to learn a thing or two about how to please.

Listen here.

2. Guys We F****d

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Hosts Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson—who together form the comedy duo Sorry About Last Night—interview men they’ve slept with in a very candid and sex-positive podcast.

Listen here.

3. The Science of Sex

(Photo: The Science of Sex)

In this weekly podcast, sex researcher Dr. Zhana Vrangalova and co-host Joe Pardavila debunk sex myths, discuss topics like orgasms, kink, porn, and relationships, and interview sex scientists about recent research. 

Listen here.

4. Ask Women with Marni Kinrys & Kristen Carney

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With topics like “What NOT to say to a woman,” “Simple Way to Increase Your Sex Appeal,” and “How to Hypnotize Women by Just Being You,” dating coach Marni Kinrys and Kristen Carney give you insider tips on how to really understand women and find out what makes them tick.

Listen here.

5. Kinsey Confidential 

Answering questions on sex and sexual health that viewers send in, Debra Herbenick, Ph.D., M.P.H. and director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University Bloomington, offers her expert answers while keeping identities anonymous.

Listen here.

6. Shameless Sex with April Lampert & Amy Baldwin

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Sex educators April Lampert and Amy Baldwin bring in expert guests to explain things like where to find the g-spot, squirting, and just how to have awesome sex. 

Listen here.

7. Sex With Emily

In her Sirius XM radio show, sexpert Emily Morse gets into the nitty gritty of sex and relationships, and in one of her latest episodes, she talks about how to “Raise the Roof On Your Sex Life” with discussions on how to “raise your sexual bar as high as it can go, how ultimatums are never a good sign, but how to reframe the conversation, and the best ways to get into the dating scene.”

Listen here.

8. Savage Lovecast

Hosted by Dan Savage, people submit their questions (that you probably have too), and Dan answers in an entertaining yet very informative way. 

Listen here.

9. Sex and Psychology

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Not exactly a podcast in and of itself, but famous sex researcher Dr. Justin Lehmiller’s website Sex & Psychology is a goldmine of science-heavy information where the good doctor discusses fantasies, the science of love and sex, and other science-backed nuggets of information that can help you between the sheets. And any podcast he is a guest on is worth listening to.

10. Sex With Strangers

Unlike most other sex podcasts, Sex With Strangers covers topics from around the world, where host Chris Sowa travels the world and either talks to locals about their sexperiences in their home country, or experiences them for himself. For example, in Episode 1, he goes to Tokyo in search of panty vending machines. 

Listen here.