Bad Grandpa Caught Snorting Cocaine During Traffic Stop

This guy’s exchange with the police officer is priceless.

When local police advise motorists of a snow warning, this probably isn’t what they have in mind.

After pulling over a 73-year-old man for driving without his lights on last week, a Seattle police officer Nic Abts-Olsen returned to the stopped vehicle after checking the driver’s license and registration and found the driver “scooping a portion of cocaine from a glass vial,” NBC affiliate King5 reports. The result is one of the more amusing arrest videos of the holiday season.

If you watch the dashcam recording to the arrest, the officer is way more puzzled than angry as the idiot driver (who would’ve been let go with a warning!) tries to explain away the strange vial of power as “vitamins.” The video of incident was humorously edited by the Seattle PD as a warning to other motorists:

“When Officer Abts-Olsen knocked on the driver’s car window, he apparently startled the man, leading him to spill cocaine all over his hands and the floor of his vehicle,”


to the Seattle PD police blotter. “’Are you kidding?,’ Officer Abts-Olsen asked the man, who quickly tried to brush away the white powder.”

The driver was arrested and


into the King County Jail for possession of a narcotics. Maybe the lesson here is, I don’t know, 


do cocaine while you’re driving —  especially if you’ve just been pulled over by the police. It’s just common sense.

h/t Vice