‘Edging’ is the Trendy Sex Technique You Need to Know About

It virtually guarantees mind-blowing orgasms.

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(Photo: Getty)

Orgasms as we know them are great, but here’s something to bring your sex life to the next level: Edging.

Also known as orgasm control, edging involves getting really close to the point of no return, but stopping before you cross that thin line and making that impending orgasm go back to where it came from for just a while longer. Once you feel like you can last a little longer, start going at it again. 

Some fans of this technique do this cycle multiple times, whereas others can’t or don’t want to handle it any longer and come after the first time. It’s all up to your personal preference, and likewise, you can also implement this on your girlfriend and really blow her mind. 

While stopping yourself (or your partner) from climaxing may sound like cruel and unnecessary torture to some, it actually makes for a much more powerful orgasm when you finally do finish. This is because edging increases sensitivity and blood flow in your naughty bits, which is vital for amazing orgasms. 

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“There is increased blood flow into the pelvic area when you stop orgasm and continue stimulation,” Courtney Cleman, founder of the V. Club, tells Redbook

“When we think of blood flow, we usually think of a male erection. But women have ‘erections’ of their clitoral organ, [and] edging creates a stronger erection for both men and women.”

Woo! Earth-shattering orgasms for everyone!

But aside from the physiological effects, edging also has the psychological aspect of wanting what you can’t have, which only makes you want it more. You know how we all tend to chase the people who pull away? It’s basically the same thing. And after edging a few times and teasing yourself with that imminent orgasm, it’s going to be explosive and absolutely phenomenal.

Furthermore, edging involves delaying gratification for a greater ultimate outcome, and science has proven multiple times that doing just that makes the end result so, so much more enjoyable.

In fact, one of the most well-known psychological studies in history – the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment — found that people who have the willpower to keep from indulging immediately are more successful in life, too, because it’s best to wait for something to reach its full potential before giving in.

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When it comes to edging, think of your orgasm like a water balloon: You can fill up the balloon normally and throw it at someone, and it’ll be fun. But if you slowly add more and more water and fill it to the point of nearly bursting, it’ll be so much more explosive and satisfying when you finally throw it and soak the person.

Similarly, edging is great for improving self-control and is a particularly good idea for those of us who tend to come just a bit too soon. The more you edge, the better you get at it, therefore the better control you have over your orgasms.

Lastly, Cleman has a bit of advice for anyone who wants to try edging: “You don’t want to confuse your partner and make them wonder why it is taking you extra time to reach orgasm. Be open about your desire to edge. It’s a hot, sexual practice that a couple can enjoy together.”

As someone who recently discovered edging, I very highly recommend giving it a try. You won’t be disappointed.