The Shape of Your FACE Can Determine Your Sex Drive, New Study Reveals

What does this say about your own libido?

Sexy Model


In a recent study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, it was discovered that the size of your face can predict your libido, which seems pretty weird, but I’m not going to argue with science.

The study, conducted by researchers at Nipissing University in Canada, analyzed the faces and sex drives of 457 people, and found that those who had a higher face width-to-height ratio, or FWHR, were super horny, whereas those with a lower FWHR were not as horny. Hmm… totally makes sense. 

“Men and women with shorter, wider faces tend to be more sexually motivated and to have a stronger sex drive than those with faces of other dimensions,” the researchers explain in the report. 

Additionally, wide-faced horndogs were also discovered to be more likely to cheat, which actually does make sense, because the higher your sex drive, the more you need to stick it in someone all the time. And sadly, for a lot of people, if their boo isn’t fulfilling their needs, they just hop over to the next available person and get their sexual needs taken care of. 

“Researchers attributed differences in facial proportions to variations in testosterone levels during particular developmental periods, such as puberty. This hormone plays a role in forming adult sexual attitudes and desires.”

In other words, the hormones that determine our libidos also shape our faces, so it’s proportional, in a way. The more horny hormones you have, the wider your face is. Does that make sense?

“We were somewhat surprised that the effect was also observed in women given that most work on FWHR has found links to men’s, but not women’s, behavior,” lead author Steven Arnocky told Bustle.

“However, most of this past work has focused on things like physical aggression and dominance — characteristics that we know are male-typical. Conversely, we know that testosterone, which helps shape the face during development, has been linked to sex-drive in both men and women.”

However, as with all scientific studies, take the findings with a hefty grain of salt, because they don’t apply to everyone. For instance, if your sex drive is through the roof, yet you have a slim face, the findings obviously don’t apply to you. Likewise if you have a massive face and a weak ass libido. Everyone is different. 

H/T: Bustle