If You Want to Get a Date Online, Use These 5 Key Phrases in Your Profile

It’s not just about the pic.

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If your online dating game is in the crapper, don’t waste time trying to capture the perfect selfie for a profile pic—try updating your bio. 


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According to data gathered last year from 12,000 eHarmony profiles, including these five key phrases in your bio can drastically increase your chances of getting a girl to engage.

The descriptor ladies love the most is “physically fit”—guys who use it get 96 percent more interaction that those who don’t. And they say we’re the superficial ones! 

Sexy smartphone
Sexy smartphone

Dudes who describe themselves as “Perceptive”—whatever the hell that means— are getting 51 percent more interaction. “Spontaneous” (+45 percent), “Outgoing” (+44 percent) and Optimistic (+39 percent) are also all good choices. 

Granted, your online matches will be able to tell if you’re bullshitting in your bio on the very first date. If nothing else, you can probably make yourself more desirable by learning to embody these qualities. 

Happy hunting! 

h/t: Men’s Health