These 3 Natural Supplements Are Guaranteed To Improve Your Sex Life

They’re definitely cheaper than Viagra and Cialis.


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We already told you about the one foolproof way to get better at sex, but aside from that, a little herbal encouragement never hurts in the bedroom. And no, we’re not talking about weed, even though it is considered an aphrodisiac.

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Sure, Viagra is cool and all, but unless you suffer from erectile dysfunction, natural supplements might be a better option to up your sex game. And unlike pharmaceuticals, you don’t need to face your pharmacist as you pick up your sex pills – you can just get them from Whole Foods.

So, as outlined by Elite Daily, here are three natural supplements you can take to get hornier, harder, and yes, even better at sex than you already are.

1. Maca

Looks delicious.

Maca is a root herb that grows in the Andes, and is known to boost libido and increase sperm count. Numerous studies have confirmed the aphrodisiac properties of maca, and a Peruvian study revealed that just 3 grams the stuff per day is enough to get you all hot and bothered.

The best way to take maca is in capsule form, but if you’d rather buy maca powder, you can put it in smoothies or sprinkle it on your steak, or something. But FYI – it tastes pretty bad. But that’s a small price to pay for an all-natural trip to boner-ville.

2. Yohimbine

Yohimbe bark, or playground wood chips?

Yohimbine, the active ingredient of yohimbe bark, has been used as an aphrodisiac in Africa for a really long time, and for good reason. Yohimbine not only makes your boners harder by increasing blood flow, but it also sends your sex drive through the roof.

However, we should also mention that yohimbine is known to cause a little bit of anxiety and nausea, thanks to the norepinephrine surge it causes. But if you take a relatively small dose, around 14mg, the only thing you’ll feel is horny.

3. Kava

Ground kava root.

Kava root is known for its relaxing properties, and has a long history of being used as a remedy for anxiety. Since stress and anxiety are huge cockblocks and and can sometimes be as bad as whiskey dick, some kava tea or kava capsules can make your sex life a lot better.

In fact, if your special lady friend is having trouble orgasming, stress might be to blame. Or you just might be employing some bad sex tactics, like jackhammer finger-banging. If you swear you’re good at sex and she’s just stressed, give her some kava, help her relax, then get busy. Because chill sex is the best sex.

Have fun, gentlemen, and remember: only take the recommended dosage. These supplements may be herbal, but herbs are powerful stuff. 

H/T: Elite Daily