How to Dress Like You’re Actually Going to the Gym

Here’s exactly how to not be “that guy” when you’re working out.

How you’re dressed always matters. Whether you’re suiting up for work, packing for a vacation, or grabbing a morning  cup of coffee, what you choose to put on should fit the situation, no matter what it is. In the case of the gym, your apparel should mirror the goals you’re trying to make, in order to prevent any restrictions. While we can’t stop you from looking like a douche with that tight tank top and backwards hat, we can still try and emphasize the proper way to dress while getting your sweat on. 

Fitness expert and personal trainer Don Saladino of Drive495 (the guy who trains Ryan Reynolds and Sebastian Stan, among others) shared his expert tips on how to dress properly from head to toe before you hit the gym. By following his guidelines and expertise, you’ll be ready to strut your stuff in the weight room in no time. 

A photo posted by Don Saladino (@donsaladino) on Nov 6, 2015 at 3:48am PST

“Times have changed since the baggy pants and stringy tank tops of the 1980’s. Exercise has become about performance and a sophisticated look. Looking good exudes confidence which will drastically help performance. Believe it or not, it is common for individuals to have there best workouts while wearing their best look.” 

“Nowadays, it’s also common to have to run from a gym to a meeting or early morning breakfast. Brands are getting much smarter about combining performance and style. One line that really exemplifies this is a new brand called Perry Ellis 360. As a trainer, you try to avoid working out in baggy or sloppy looking clothes. A lot of times, you need to jump into a workout with clients last minute. This line allows for proper function and also allows to withstand a level of style.” 

“Depending on your level of activity, you should always dress towards those needs. Dressing in layers will increase your body temperature and you can peel away a layer if need be. This’ll help to get your muscles warmed up.  Sometimes when training an intense lower body session, it’s good to go with a compression or looser fitting pant. Anything in the middle can cause restriction.” 

“As for footwear, you should strive towards a minimalistic approach. Being barefoot isn’t the answer, but begin to do your mobility and stretching barefooted or in Vibrams. Take time to break this process in. If your feet are functioning properly then joint by joint, your body will benefit from that result.  Stronger functioning feet will result in a stronger functioning body.”

Photos by Corey Jenkins / Getty Images