Here’s How to Get Arms Like Captain America’s ‘Winter Soldier’

Bionic implants not included. 

Everyone wants to be a superhero. You want their powers, their weapons, their physique — it’s a complete package. While we can’t promise you’ll suddenly master the thunder powers of someone like, say, a Norse God, we can give you the tips to bulk up and become your very own superhero. And the best kind of person to be is someone who used to be a villain. We’re talking about Bucky Barnes, aka the ‘Winter Soldier.’

After causing havoc for his former best friend Steve Rogers, the Winter Soldier has apparently come to his senses when we see him in Captain America: Civil War. Fitness expert and personal trainer Don Saladino of Drive495 — and the guy who trains the ‘Winter Soldier’ himself, Sebastian Stan — shared his expert tips on how he got the 33-year old actor in tip-top shape for the role. By following his guidelines and expertise, you’ll be calling yourself a superhero in no time. 

on Nov 23, 2015 at 8:21am PST

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“When training Sebastian for Captain America: Civil War, we really did not change our approach to how we focus our training all year,” Saladino told Maxim. “We focus on getting into the gym five days a week. He ate every two to three hours while consuming around one gram of protein per pound of body weight. We did include an easy to-do arm day in our regimen that looked a little something like this.”


– Barbell Bicep Curl (4 sets of 5)

– Incline DB Hammer Curls (4 sets of 10)

– High Cable Curls (7 sets of 12 reps on 20 seconds rest)


– Close Grip Bench (4 sets of 5)

– Dips (4 sets of 10)

– Rope Pushdowns (7 sets of 12 reps on 20 seconds rest)

“We liked focusing on bringing out Sebastian’s shoulders as well,” says Saladino. “Even though this was an arm routine, the shoulders do get hit substantially with close grip bench and dips. This worked out pretty nicely for him when doing his training for the role.”