Here’s How to Work Out When You Can’t Get to the Gym

You’ve got no more excuses.


There’s an abundance of circumstances that could arise that would prevent you from getting to the gym: you have to stay late at work, your wife goes into labor, or you’re just being an all-around fat, lazy shit. Hey, no one’s judging, but in this day and age, there truly is no excuse for not getting a few minutes of fitness into your day (or week, month, whatever) at some point. 

Fitness expert and personal trainer Don Saladino of Drive495 (the guy who trains Ryan Reynolds and Sebastian Stan, among others) shared his expert tips how to have an efficient workout all without leaving the confines of your comfy, overpriced apartment. By following his guidelines and expertise, you’ll be inappropriately lifting weights and grunting just about everywhere you go. 

“Here are 2 routines, depending on how much time you have. These workouts require nothing but what’s in your apartment. These are great routines to help build strength and focus on cleaning up a lot of the tightness you might have developed from being at work. You will also notice the quick circuits so the routines are quick but very effective.”

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Workout 1: 10 Minute Ballistic Sweat
Do what you need to do to warm-up (using a foam roller or otherwise). Then, go into the following exercises:

-Split jumps
Lateral bounding
-Forward bounding
-Squat jumps
Plyo push-up (kneeling or regular)

“Do 3-5 reps of each movement, making sure you move quick and the movement spent become slow. Do 3-5 rounds of this or stop as soon as the 10 minutes are up. The first round being easy, and you shouldn’t push until round 2. Rest minimally in between exercises, but get ready to sweat.”

Workout 2: 12 Minute Cardio Strength Program 
Do what you need to do to warm-up (using a foam roller or otherwise). Then, go into the following exercises:

-Push-ups (10 reps)
Bulgarian split squat (10 reps each leg)
-Inverted hamstring (10 reps each leg)
TYLW’s (10 reps each) 
-Body weight squat to toe touch (10 reps each)
-1 legged line hops (30 second)

Do 3-5 rounds of this, as this should not take you more than 12 minutes.

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