J. K. Simmons Is Getting Totally Jacked for the ‘Justice League’ Movie

Two tickets to the gun show, please.


 J. K. Simmons is getting totally jacked.

The swole patrol sirens sounded this week when the Whiplash Oscar-winner flaunted his muscular new physique on Instagram. 


The 61-year-old is getting into serious shape for his role as Commissioner Gordon in the upcoming Justice League movie. It’s just a shame he didn’t have these guns back when he was playing an evil convict on HBO’s Oz.

Simmons has been pumping iron with celebrity trainer Aaron Williamson, a retired Marine who has an enviable record of whipping actors into shape.


Williamson notably made Zac Efron believable as a jacked Jarhead for The Lucky One, and he even trains The Rock.


If there’s ever a Whiplash sequel, Miles Teller doesn’t stand a chance.

h/t The Cut