20 Ways to Make Her Feel Like a Goddess In Bed, According to Reddit

“He gets visibly hard when he sees me.”


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There’s absolutely nothing hotter than a woman who feels like a sensual sex goddess in the bedroom. When she feels sultry, desirable, and sexually powerful as fuck, you know damn well the sex is going to be mind-blowing, and she is going to rock. your. world.

With this in mind, one wise Reddit user asked one of the most important questions of all time: “Women of reddit, what does your man do that makes you feel like a goddess in bed?” And the women of Reddit answered, blessing the internet with some seriously NSFW details.

But before we get to the truly naughty bits, let’s start with a rough outline of some of the hottest things you can do during sex to really drive her wild, that the user who started the thread distilled from nearly 4,000 comments.

“Look into her eyes – Do this during any sexual act and it will build a connection and make them feel special.”

“Make sounds – You don’t have to say anything, just breathing heavily and moaning slightly can drive a girl wild and make them feel like they are pleasuring you well. They like the recognition that what they are doing makes you feel good, so let them know.”

“Be aggressive – A lot of women like to be dominated in bed. Push her around, tell her what to do; basically control her while you are having sex with her.”

“Be gentle at times – While being rough and aggressive is a great tip, sometimes letting up and being gentle can really spice things up.”

“Let her be on top – This can give her a feeling of control and empowerment. She can control all of the pleasure experienced in a sexual activity and you can just sit back and let it happen.”

“Get her off no matter what – If she has a hard time getting to the climax, just keep going until she is finished. If you can, try to get her to finish before you do that way she feels really special.”

“Give her oral sex without her having to ask – She will appreciate the gesture and this can bring about good results for you in return.”

“Compliment her – Tell her how beautiful she is and how sexy she is. Most women like the confidence boost and quite a few will even appreciate the fact that you get a boner just by kissing or looking at her.”

“Listen to her – When she asks for something or when she suggests something, it makes her feels special, especially if you are willing to try something new with her.”

“Play with her body – Run your fingers and tongue up and down her body. This can turn on many women and can really set the mood later. You don’t have to rush straight into sex. Take your time and enjoy the journey and the destination will be better for both of you.”

“Play with her ass and breasts – Not all women will necessarily like this, but it can be a major turn-on for those that do. Trace circles around her breasts or ever so gently bite on her nipple. Things like this can set your girl’s world ablaze!”

Now, while that summary is great and super helpful and all, there’s nothing quite like hearing the naughty details from the women themselves, so I read through the ever-growing thread of thousands of comments and hand-picked the best of the best, so that you can give her that vitamin D exactly the way she wants it.

1. “When I’m on top and he’s under me squirming in pleasure, I feel amazing. To me, that’s even better than making a lot of sound. And when he calls me perfect while we’re having sex. He’ll just look at me and say “GOD you’re perfect”. I love it. Also, anytime he says my name. So hot.”

2. “When he’ll do any and everything to make me orgasm. Also when he tells me how good is feel, smell and/or taste.”

3. “Being aggressive. Dominating me like he can’t wait to fuck my brains out. Push me against the wall and just manhandle me. Throw me onto the bed and tear off my clothes. And talk dirty to me while you’re doing it.”

4. “Mmm, the way he’ll pull my panties to the side and slide his cock in, as if he simply cannot wait for me to undress. He’ll finish inside me and after, I’ll keep my panties on, letting his cum slowly soak through. It’s amazing.

5. “When I’m on top and he’s under me squirming in pleasure, I feel amazing. To me, that’s even better than making a lot of sound. And when he calls me perfect while we’re having sex. He’ll just look at me and say “GOD you’re perfect”. I love it. Also, anytime he says my name. So hot.”

6. “The passion in his face when he pushes me up against a wall and kisses me to get things started always makes me weak in the knees.

“He gets a little forceful sometimes. Not overly dominating, but he takes what he wants and that is sooooo sexy.”


7. “When he is fucking me without just doing the ole ‘in-out-in-out.’ When he enters, it is angled kind of like he’s trying to touch my belly with the end of his dick, then when he’s all the way in, he holds it for a second or two, and I can grind against him before letting go and sliding back out. Leads to more of a slow humping motion than ‘bouncing.’”

8. “Keep on worshiping and telling me how my ass is fucking amazing. It will never get old. No matter how you keep on telling me this I will ALWAYS enjoy hearing it.”

9. “Hour long full body massages before fingering me until I come. Oh my god it is good.”

10. “He gets visibly hard when he sees me…every time…without fail. Makes me feel like a sex goddess.”

11. “He says things like, “Yes, baby, fuck me with that gorgeous pussy,” when I am riding him. I’d never been one for being on top before (I didn’t think I was very good at it, so I was always kind of reluctant), but when he says things like that it honestly makes me want to be on top all the time.

“He also squeezes me so tightly and calls my name when he reaches climax; it turns me on, it’s so intense – and I’ve never experienced that level of, well, enthusiasm before. He often can barely move when he’s done, and has to lie on top of me for a while panting, usually still inside me. He confessed that nobody has ever made him cum as hard as I do, and that when he cums with me he feels like his head is going to explode (another thing that makes me feel like an absolute goddess – helloooo ego trip). Damn he makes me feel good about myself in bed…”
-Deleted user

12. “Cunnilingus in the morning. Cunnilingus in the evening. Cunnilingus at supper time. I’m his little sugar, and he eats it all the time. No seriously, cunnilingus, and surprise romance.”

13. “When he is about to cum, and he just switches positions, or switches to oral just to keep pleasing me, even if I have already had multiple O’s…He just growls ‘I want to fuck you all night’ and I lose it.”

14. “When he makes noise. I have no problem with being vocal myself, but oh my god, when he starts moaning I know it’s really good… excuse me I think I need to go be alone for a moment…”

15. “When my man grabs my waist. His hands are big and my waist is tiny, so his fingers almost touch and its like this hot-steamy-lusty-band of support. Whether its from behind, or I am on top his hands remind me how much he adores my female figure. His ability to support me at key points/ signals of fertility or sexuality (i.e. using my hips, butt, or waist as handles) makes my feel like an absolute sex goddess brought down to earth to spread my sexuality all over his cock.”

16. “The guy with whom I had the best sex I’ve had thus far would hold me in his arms and run his nose up my stomach to my neck, kiss all the way down my arms, and compliment me on my body. Every so often, he would look at me for a second and then just kiss me, like he couldn’t help it. When we actually had sex, he always made me feel like he wanted me so badly he couldn’t help it. It was one of the sexiest, most flattering things anyone has ever done to me.”
-Deleted user

17. “Being caressed gently – touching my face, my hair… Running his hands across my skin — feels amazing and makes me feel delicate.”

18. “I love it when I’m riding him, and he’s got his hands on my hips. I’ll watch his face, and the expression of sheer ecstasy just makes me want to cum like a fountain. It doesn’t hurt when he bites my neck, either. Or when he breaths in my ear when he’s taking me from behind. Shit, I feel like fucking Aprohrodite.”

19. “When he says ‘I’ve been thinking about doing this all day.'”

20. “Sometimes he really lets go. He’ll rest his head against my neck and hold me as close as he can. The sounds and passion make me feel like the most desirable woman alive.”
-Deleted user