Here’s the One Thing Both Men and Women Want More of From Their Partners in Bed

A survey reveals what we’re all missing.

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Ever wondered it you’re a good lover? Of course you have. We all have. But I’m not talking about skill or technique — I’m talking about if you’re giving her everything she wants and more in the bedroom.

You might think you are, but get this: According to a survey of over 1,000 people from BodyLogicMD, it turns out there’s one very important thing both men and women aren’t doing enough of during sex, and totally want more of.

In the survey, participants were asked about their sexual preferences as well as their partner’s, and based on that, they were asked what they’d change about their lover to make sexytime even sexier.

Let’s just dive right in, because we have a lot of ground to cover.

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First off, the survey found that 81 percent of women and 93 percent of men would totally change some things about the person they’re sleeping with, which just comes to show nobody’s perfect and we all have our flaws in and out of the bedroom. We’re all human here… but luckily, these “flaws” are super easy to rectify.

The number one thing both women and men want more of during sex is foreplay, which isn’t surprising. Most of us don’t pay enough attention to this very important part of sex, and foreplay tends to be completely half-assed.

Come on, people. Foreplay is like the delicious appetizer before the main course that gives you a little taste of the mind-blowing glory that’s about to come, and if there’s not enough of the tasty foreplay appetizer, she’s just going to be like “Oh, okay. I wasn’t ready but this is fine, I guess.”

When you tempt and tease until you’re both so turned on you can’t even think straight anymore, the sex is going to be SO much better. But I don’t need to tell you that. You already know.

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The second thing women wish you’d do more of—because I’m sure you’re wondering—is try new positions, because frankly, it gets kind of boring and stops feeling good when you’re on top of her the entire time. Switch it up, gentlemen.

Next on the list is more sex, but we already knew that. Last year, a study revealed that men completely underestimate how often their girlfriends want to have sex, leaving 60 percent of women disgruntled.

Lastly, women. want. more. oral. sex. I repeat for emphasis: Go down on her more often, fellas. And if you’d care for some tips on how to step up your oral game, I gotchu. Everything you need to know is right here.

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Well, my dear friends, I hope you learned something new today, and will put this valuable information to good use.