There’s A New Magazine Dedicated Entirely To Redheads, And You Definitely Need To Check It Out

Ginger-lovers, rejoice.
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Do redheads get you all fired up? Are crimson locks and bountiful freckles your one weakness? If you’re nodding yes, then you might want to check out this new magazine dedicated entirely to redheads, called MC1R.



Named after the gene that causes red hair, MC1R is a biannually published magazine dedicated entirely to gingers, created by lighting design student, Tristan Rodgers, who hopes the magazine will help better represent gingers in the fashion industry. 

“I discovered that there’s a big network of and for redheads emerging around the world, and I’m now a part of this movement,” Rodgers said in an interview with Vice.

“People really connect at redhead festivals; they share what they’ve made or their experiences - it’s big, positive hype right now. Some people argue that focusing on the hair itself is a paradoxical method, but if people are identified by the way they look, making work about it allows artists to represent themselves and create a positive feeling for everyone.”

Right on. 

Even though gingers get a lot of hate, people actually secretly love them, and there’s no use denying it. According to Pornhub’s crack statisticians, kinky carrot tops like Faye Reagan cut 163 seconds from the average porn viewing time of 9 minutes 20 seconds, which means sexy redheads get people off in record time. 

Porn star Faye Reagan (American Apparel)

Porn star Faye Reagan (American Apparel)

Plus, it turns out people love gingers so much, that sperm banks can't keep up with the demand for redhead sperm, and are desperately seeking more donors. Who knew women loved baby carrots so much? Haha. JK, my gingers. 

Anyway, love redheads? Pick up a copy of MC1R, and get your fix. 

H/T: Vice

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