Rescue Your Body From Thanksgiving With Go Pro Workouts’ Advanced Online Training

On second thought, maybe let that nine-course meal go down first.

Aside from presents and getting shit-faced drunk on eggnog, there is one thing a lot of us can certainly count on getting every holiday season: Fat. But, like puking on Christmas morning, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case this year. In fact, considering that a person no longer needs to spend tons of money on a personal trainer to get meaningful fitness advice, that shouldn’t be the case this year. Sure, personal trainers are nice for the occasional kick in the ass, but for self-motivated individuals, simply having access to the right information is all it takes to make considerable strides in the gym and on the field. Or so we’ve been told. We’re still struggling to open that tin of Slim Fast we bought in 1997.

Photo: Robert Hammer from Go Pro Workouts 

Anyway, this is where online sports training companies like Go Pro Workouts come in. Since its launch in 2012, Go Pro has been amassing a roster of professional athletes – like Jamaal Charles, Adam Eaton, and Brandon Jennings – to share their elite training regimens with aspiring athletes over its digital platform. Like a virtual sports and athletic facility on steroids, Go Pro gives users access to an array of training programs specifically designed for nearly every sport imaginable, including baseball, basketball, football, and snowboarding, to name but a few (unfortunately, beer-pong isn’t on the list). Now, with the recent launch of its Advanced Online Training Platform, Go Pro hopes to improve upon its already highly-successful product with additional tools that allow users to more easily track progress and customize training programs. While serious athletes looking to enhance their game are sure to get the most out of the Advanced Online Training Platform, other slower, fatter guys, such as ourselves, can definitely benefit from it too (because, at this point, anything helps).

The new platform also allows users to connect and, as Go Pro puts it, “create and join public or private fitness groups, maintain their workout schedules, share photos, and challenge each other to fitness-related contests.” It’s like social media, but for trainers, athletes, and regular old slobs like us who are sick of hearing people use words like “chubby,” “weak,” and “busty” to describe our physical appearance. So put down the gravy, baby, and get familiar with Go Pro’s new Advanced Online Training Platform with this free trial. For an extra motivational boost, check out this crazy dubstep-infused promo video, which got us so pumped we bruised a knuckle fist-bumping the mailroom guy.  

Photo: Robert Hammer from Go Pro Workouts 

Photos by Robert Hammer from Go Pro Workouts