Snoop Dogg Just Launched a Weed-Themed Lifestyle Site

It’s like the coolest weed dealer ever meets Martha Stewart.

Snoop Dogg — living avatar of stone-cold lyrical smoothness and all things weed — is launching his own ganja-themed lifestyle site. Snoop announced the endeavor Monday at TechCrunch Disrupt, the tech site’s annual start-up friendly conference hosted in major cities across the globe. 

Snoop’s platform bears the delightful and somehow inevitable name Merry Jane. TechCrunch reports it is in line with recent investments the hip-hop artist has made in the tech industry, many of them with “a particular focus on the cannabis industry.” 

Merry Jane will be, reports TechCrunch, “a lifestyle media site with cannabis at the center.” It will publish multimedia content and “serve as an information hub for everyone interested in pot, whether it be the n00b or the seasoned smoker.”

Onstage at Disrupt, Snoop reportedly said his site will essentially be a pot-lover’s “encyclopedia.” Merry Jane will, according to TechCrunch, run web series, like cooking shows featuring instruction on making edible pot products. It won’t just be the Snoop show site wide, either, as TechCrunch reports the Doggfather said his “site will be enlisting celebrities that are ‘down with the team’ including Seth Rogen and Miley Cyrus.”

We’re glad to see Snoop owning the King of Weed crown in such an accessible way. We’d still like to know if he’s got any special tricks to making a decent rocks glass of gin & juice. 

Photos by Steve Jennings/Getty Images