Here’s the Age When Women Have the Best Sex Of Their Lives

Turns out women hit their sexual peak a lot later than we thought.

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Ever wondered when the majority of women hit their sexual peak? Yeah, me too. 

Many people think ladies peak in college, or something, but according to an illuminating new survey, it turns out that it’s actually a lot later in life. Surprising, I know.

A new survey commissioned by a contraceptive app, Natural Cycles, asked 2,600 women of different ages about their sex lives, including how sexy they feel, how often they orgasm, how mind-blowing their orgasms are, and how often they get it on. 

To analyze the results, the women were categorized into different age groups: 23 and younger, 24 to 35, and 36 and older. In other words, young college-aged girls, late twenties-ish, and women who are starting to get a little older.

According to the survey, women aged 36 and over was the group that felt the sexiest, with 80 percent saying they always feel hot AF. The second most confident group of women turned out to be the younger ladies, with 70 percent saying they always feel sexy.

The group with the most fragile ego was found to be the middle-aged women, with only 40 percent saying they feel comfortable in their skin. Aww. That’s too bad.

When it comes to orgasms, the older women scored highest once again, with 60 percent of respondents saying they have incredible and more frequent orgasms. On the other hand, only 50 percent of younger women, a.k.a. the 23 and younger group, said they have frequent orgasms.

Moreover, 86 percent of the older women said they had bangin’ sex within the last four weeks, relative to 76 percent of the middle-aged group, and sadly, only 56 percent of the younger group.

In terms of how often the women collectively had sex, under one third said they have sex twice a week, a little over one fifth said they get it on three times a week, and one fifth said they bang once a week.

So, yeah. In conclusion, it looks like older women get, the more confident they become, and better the sex gets. Cool.

The more you know!

H/T: Independent