These Are America’s Top 10 Cities For Cheaters

Oh come all ye unfaithful…



Every city around the world is full of cheaters, but some towns are just more adulterous than others. And lucky for us, infamous cheating/slash/dating site Ashley Madison took a long, hard look at the data from their users in 2017, and uncovered the top cities where the most unfaithful lovers reside, so that we can all proactively try to avoid getting cheated on. 

According to the data, the number one city for cheaters in the continental U.S. is none other than Los Angeles, California. In 2017, L.A. saw a 47 percent increase in new Ashley Madison accounts, and more specifically, Beverly Hills had a 32 percent increase in user sign-ups.

As we can all infer, this is probably because the City of Angels, and particularly Beverly Hills, is a magical wonderland for the rich and famous, and their lifestyle is one that seemingly encourages adulterous behavior.

The second most unfaithful city was found to be New York, where there was a 40 percent increase in accounts this past year, which isn’t surprising, because New York is yet another playground for free spirits who like to live fast, drink hard, and fuck even harder. 

Moving on, Washington, D.C. saw a 34 percent increase in accounts, landing them in third place, followed by Atlanta, Phoenix, and Austin, all tied for fourth place, each with a 29 percent increase.

Rounding out the list, Seattle’s user intake went up 28 percent, users in Jacksonville, Florida, increased 27 percent, and lastly, Houston and San Francisco both saw an increase of 24 percent.

See a visual representation of the United States of Cheaters on the festive map below:

(Ashley Madison)

“If we look at the top 10 cities on a map, we can see they range from coast-to-coast,” says Isabella Mise, Ashley Madison’s director of communications. 

“This tells us that stepping out of the marriage really isn’t an isolated occurrence, people across the country are looking to fulfill their unsatisfied needs at a growing rate.”

That said, if you live in Los Angeles, New York, or Washington, I’d advise you to be extra, extra careful.

H/T: Men’s Health