Vasectomies Can Make Sex a Lot Better, According to New Study

Hear us out.

Sex Promo
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Not that we encourage undergoing invasive medical procedures unless absolutely necessary, but a new study revealed some surprisingly good news about vasectomies.

Even though they involve surgically slicing into your balls to take away your ability to have kids, vasectomies apparently offer some serious sexual benefits, like more and better sex, harder boners, and stronger orgasms. Not bad, right?

For the study, researchers at Frankfurt University surveyed 294 couples, and found that men who had gotten their tubes snipped reported having a higher sex drive, stronger erections, mind-blowing orgasms, and overall a lot more sex than men who were not surgically rendered impotent.

Forty percent of the men in the study said their sex lives had “significantly improved” after getting a vasectomy, and 12.4 percent said they have more sex, whereas only a tiny 4.5 percent reported having less sex. So, overall, it looks like vasectomies are actually great for your sex life. Who knew?

As you can probably guess, the reason for the significant boost in pleasure is due to the fact that once your gravy tunnels get disconnected, your baby factory shuts down forever and you don’t have to worry about knocking her up. 

And when you don’t have that constant stress in the back of your mind, you can hit it raw as often as you’d like without her screaming at you to rush to Walgreens for Plan B immediately after.  

Sooo…if you’re sure you never, ever, never want kids, maybe a vasectomy isn’t a horrible idea. For a quick procedure and a couple days of sore balls, it’s a pretty solid tradeoff. But then again, condoms aren’t that bad, either. Up to you. 

H/T: Men’s Health