WATCH: Terrifying Video of Crowd Rushing From Paris Theater Attack

Warning: This is difficult to watch.


Images de la fusillade au Bataclanby lemondefr

Daniel Psenny is a journalist with Paris’s Le Monde, and he lives next to the Bataclan music venue, scene of the most hellish part of the Friday night terror attacks that killed as many as 129 across France’s capital city, based on reports published Saturday afternoon. Psenny was wounded Friday while attempting to rescue victims of the Bataclan attack, but before he jumped into the fray, the courageous Frenchman was a startled journalist trying to make sense of the horrifying chaos seen in the video above. 

“All the world was running from everywhere,” Psenny said in a French language report published in Le Monde,  “I saw guys on the ground, blood.” Psenny knew something serious was happening, he said, and it made him think of “images of the September 11 attacks.”

Psenny descended to the street after making his nightmarish video, where, he said, he had “a feeling like a firecracker exploding in my left arm,” which he then saw was streaming blood. Psenny also described attempting to rescue someone who was gravely wounded, who may have been an American.

Psenny said that while waiting for emergency services, he “called a doctor friend who explained to me how I make a tourniquet with my shirt.”

Speaking with the BBC, Bataclan massacre survivor Theresa Cede gave a chilling account of what was happening inside the theater as Psenny witnessed the chaos outside: 

There were grenades, or one grenade at least that I know of. Body parts flying around, people shouting, screaming.

But then, you know, at the moment, like, everybody who could would become as quiet as possible, just not to move. And it lasted a lifetime or an eternity. It was like, probably an hour.

I got more or less buried under a man who was shot in the head next to me. And so I was underneath him. And from there nobody moved.

Then we heard terrorists who were shouting, Syria was in it. And then… mostly it was: ‘Stay down, don’t move, we’ll shoot you.’

But then they shot anyway. I was thinking to myself, is it going to be me next? That’s what went through my head.

The Paris attacks have elicited moving reactions from celebrities and politicians alike, and have also prompted bands like the Foo Fighters and U2 to cancel dates.  

There have been arrests in Belgium possibly related to the attacks, but international investigations continue. 

Photos by Jerome Delay / AP Photo


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