Virgin America Launches Creepy In-Flight Flirting

Yeah…there’s no way this can go wrong…

Yeah…there’s no way this can go wrong… 

To coincide with the start of their new Los Angeles to Vegas “party’ route, Virgin America has launched a new in-flight feature on all US flights that is guaranteed to either make your journey much more exciting, or much more uncomfortable. The airline will now offer seat-to-seat delivery of drinks, snacks, and meals via their Red touchscreen entertainment system. Keep looking up from your Sudoku puzzle at that hottie in 12C? Now you can look her up on Virgin’s digital seat map and pick a cocktail to send her. You can even follow up with a text message.

While sending a drink over to someone at a bar is pretty normal, taking that concept up 30,000 feet and into a confined space seems kind of creepy. At a bar there’s enough going on around you where you can just nod in the general direction of the sender and then get back to talking with your friends. If the sender comes over and you’re not interested, you can always head to the dance floor or the bar, or just start flirting with someone else. If they’re especially creepy, you can subtly notify the staff or, you know, just leave. None of that is possible aboard an aircraft.

And, speaking optimistically for a minute, if it seems like there is a spark between you and a fellow passenger, are you really going to get up and hover over her seat to have a conversation that everyone can hear? There is always the chance that an in-flight drink can lead to some up-high nookie, but if you’re flying on an airline that encourages that kind of behavior, you may wind up waiting in a long line for the bathroom.

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