This Wonderful New Weed Strain Helps Women Have Orgasms

Here’s a scientific breakthrough we can really get behind…

Photo: Getty Images

It’s well-documented that many women have trouble achieving orgasms during sex, but a groundbreaking new strain of weed just might be able to turn those frowns into O-faces.

According to Jane Street Journal, the erotically-inclined indica strain aptly dubbed “Sexxpot” delivers a well-balanced body high designed to help women “feel more in their bodies, and less cerebral, so they can orgasm during sex.” Sounds pretty sweet, right? 

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Karen Wagner, founder of Paradigm Medical Marijuana, derived Sexxpot from another strand with lower THC levels. Wagner says less of the active chemical that gets you high purportedly helps “put women in a sensual head space,” but won’t get someone so baked that they fall asleep or zone out on the couch while watching Animal Planet.

Oh, hell yes. (Photo: Getty)

The scientifically-proven efficacy of aphrodisiacs, marijuana-based or otherwise, is still up for debate. Even so, potheads and casual smokers alike swear that certain strains can heighten the sexual experience by increasing intimacy levels and inducing feelings of euphoria. Let’s face it, it probably can’t hurt.

Worst case scenario? You both get stoned and try to get her off the old-fashioned way.