Marijuana-Infused Wine Is Real, But If You Want Some There’s a Catch

This might be worth the west coast trip.

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People have been mixing weed and booze for… let’s be honest, for as long as both have been available.  

A pair of marijuana pioneers are making it easier than ever to feel the relaxing effects of alcohol and pot together. Verdad Wines owner Louisa Sawyer Lindquist and marijuana dispensary owner Lisa Molyneux have created a weed-infused wine variety called “Canna Vine” which will soon be commercially available. 

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Like a lot of cannabis-related news, this comes with a caveat: It’s only legal in California for residents with medical marijuana license. It’s illegal to infuse alcoholic beverages with marijuana almost everywhere in the U.S.—even in states like Colorado and Washington, where recreational use of marijuana is otherwise allowed. 

Rock singer and cancer survivor Melissa Etheridge—who has her own line of Molyneux’s cannabis wine called “Know Label”spoke with the LA Times about the benefits of this sweet green vino: 

“I couldn’t smoke or use a vaporizer — and I was never really an edibles eater; I didn’t want to be ‘out of it.’” Molyneux’s tincture seemed to solve some of these issues. “It lands in a really beautiful place.”  

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If you happen to be a California resident with a license that permits using medicinal marijuana, all you need is $140 to get your hands on what has to be one of the best medicines ever invented. 

Have a glass for us while you’re at it. 

h/t Esquire