Is Kissing Considered Cheating? This Crazy Sex Survey Will Blow Your Mind

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If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that being cheated on sucks. It bruises your ego, makes you feel like shit, and it makes you lose your trust in people. So, yeah, it sucks big time.

But even though we all want to avoid being cheated on, it’s literally inevitable. It happens to the best of us, considering study after study keep revealing that huge numbers of people think that screwing around with other people isn’t exactly cheating, and that it’s fine.

Remember when we told you that a quarter of people do not think that one-night stands count as cheating, and are absolutely, totally fine? Well, if you thought that was good news, we have some more good news for you.

According to a recent study by Superdrug’s Online Doctor, it would appear as though a lot of people don’t exactly understand what cheating is.

I mean, sure, what counts as cheating is subjective and can only be measured by personal standards, however, there are some things that tend to be assumed as cheating. For instance, going down on someone who isn’t your significant other. I’m sure most of us can collectively agree on that…

…or can we? 

Apparently not. The study unearthed the alarming fact that a solid chunk of people don’t necessarily think that oral sex, or a lot of other things, including P-in-V sex, for that matter, counts as cheating. Fascinating.

For the study, which surveyed over 2,000 people on what they think counts as cheating, 99 percent of women and 97 percent of dudes in America agree that having sex with someone else is infidelity. Okay, cool.

What’s not cool, however, is that this means a tiny 1 percent of women and 3 percent of men are under the impression that it’s totally fine to have sex with another person, and then go home to their spouse as if nothing happened. Sure, that’s a small percentage of people, but still.

When it comes to blowjobs and eating pussy, 2.4 percent of women said that it’s definitely not cheating, alongside 3.4 percent of men who felt the same way. Really, though? 

Well, if you thought those numbers were weird, prepare yourself, because we’re about to move on to some bigger numbers. Are you ready for this?

Apparently, 11.5 percent of women and 19.3 percent of men don’t think making out is technically considered cheating, which means 1 in 9 girlfriends is going to go right ahead and make out with some random dude at a bar behind your back. 

To make matters worse, another 11.5 percent of ladies, accompanied by a massive 24.7 percent of dudes, which is basically 1 in 4, feel that heavy petting, a.k.a. a mess of hands and mouths, is cool. 

(Online Doctor)

Come on, people. This stuff is cheating. You don’t have to tell anyone you’re cheating, but at least stop lying to yourselves.

For all of the stats, including those on Europeans, check out this lengthy infographic above.

H/T: The Sun