Women Are Sharing What They Wish Men Would Do More Often In Bed

Listen up, fellas.

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(Photo: Getty)

Sometimes when things get hot and heavy between the sheets, even if it feels really good to you and you think you’re fulfilling all of your lovely lady friend’s feminine needs, you still might be doing a thing or two wrong.

That’s why one wise Reddit user asked this very important question: “Girls of Reddit, what are some things you wish guys did in bed more often?

Lucky for you, the women of reddit seriously delivered and spilled the deets on exactly what you need to know, and we picked out the 20 best pieces of advice.

You’re welcome.

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1. “I wish they’d be more vocal. I love to hear my guy moan or curse softly because he just can’t help himself.”

2. “Other shit with their hands or kissing/groping. It’s kinda boring when the dude just pounds away and that’s all. Like, play with my boobs, lick/suck etc., grab my ass, and so on.”

3. “I like it when my man rubs my nipples slowly then starts to pick up the pace or sucks on them. It can sometimes bring me to the point of orgasm.”

4. “Touch me softly all over. A lot. Like I’m the most precious delicacy. Don’t just ram the dick in.”

5. “Go slower. Stop fucking jackhammering and slow down a bit. I feel more like a sex toy than an actual sensual human being when a dude is fingering me at the speed of light.”

6. “Foreplay, teasing, kissing and caressing my body, really focusing on my pleasure and making me cum hard — and I can’t say this next thing enough — MAKE MORE NOISE. God it is so hot when a guy moans and is vocal in bed. Makes me want to do even dirtier things to make him make those noises even more!”

7. “I love when he makes a lot of noise! The moaning and groaning gets me going. As well as nibbles and suckling around the neck and collar bone. Forehead kisses also makes me feel special while we do missionary.”

8. “Moan or say ‘fuck yeah baby’ when she does it right, make some noise when what she is doing is going to make you cum. During sex tell her when looking at her turns you on, give a little vocal buildup and release when you get yours. 10/10 sex life will improve.”


10. “Not start the affection in bed and not stop the affection when leaving bed.”

11. “If she communicates you are doing something right (‘mmm yes, that. don’t stop’), do not change it. we don’t want ‘that’ harder or faster, we want exactly what you are doing.”

12. “Cut your damn nails. Getting scratched inside your vagina is not pleasant.”

13. “FOREPLAY. It really gets overlooked. You can’t just pounce and expect us to already be on your level. You gotta warm us up first to get us ready. Think of us like a bbq grill. That’s right, a GRILL. You can’t just slap your meat on there when the coals aren’t even hot.”

14. “Freshen up before getting intimate. Find a moment to slip into the bathroom and at least scrub a bit with a wet washcloth. Junk and neck, ideally. It’s just polite.”

15. “The sexiest thing about my guy is the fact that his face says everything. He moans and watches himself fuck me while he makes these faces like it’s the most incredible thing he’s ever seen/ felt. I don’t even know if I’m that good in bed compared to his other partners but he makes me feel like I‘m the best he’s ever had. That’s what makes me so damn addicted to him.”

16. “Dirty talk is a must.”

17. “If you cum first, no biggie. But, finish me off too.”

18. “Don’t spend too long doing one thing! Change it up every now and again, keep her on her toes unless she’s getting close then keep doing what you’re doing.”

19. “More contact. Body to body. Active hands, touch and rub my body. Men tend to stick it in and lean away to watch you. It can feel impersonal and not passionate.”

20. “You don’t always have to fuck her hard. In fact, sometimes thats not right to do. Sometimes you gotta make some love, and even give her some smooches too.”