Women Are Happier When Their Partner Is Less Attractive Than They Are, Says New Study

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We’ve all seen this situation: an exquisite, drop-dead gorgeous woman walking hand in hand with a dude who is much, much less attractive than she is…right? Kind of like a Beauty and the Beast-type situation, but not as ugly? I know I definitely see it on a daily basis.

Well, turns out there’s a reason for that. According to a new study, women are a lot happier when their boy toy is uglier than they are, which explains so, so much.

For the study, researchers at Florida State University evaluated the relationships of 113 newlywed 20-something couples in order to understand if respective attractiveness plays a role in overall happiness, and considering the fact that previous research suggests a combination of a hot wife and an ugly husband make for a great marriage, this is pretty valid.

First off, the couples answered a questionnaire about their personal desires to diet and be fit and sexy, and then, each participant was ranked on desirability based on face and body attractiveness.

The results revealed that women who had attractive husbands were more likely to diet and constantly try to lose weight in order to look better and better ad infinitum, which is not fun. Sure, following a healthy diet for the sake of health and wellness is great, but crash diets and eating dry salad until you’re a dizzy mess? Horrible.

This means that those who had not-so-hot husbands didn’t feel the need to diet all the time and (probably) incessantly compete with other women, which makes for one happy woman. Instead of worrying about looking as sexy as their husbands all the time, these women get to enjoy being happy and lumpy with their unsightly husbands.

“The results reveal that having a physically attractive husband may have negative consequences for wives, especially if those wives are not particularly attractive,” says researcher Tania Reynolds. “The research suggests there might be social factors playing a role in women’s disordered eating.”

Well, I suppose that’s the logical answer to why hot women date ugly dudes. It makes them happy. Plain and simple.