Here’s How Working Out Leads to Better Sex

Blow her mind every single time.


Obtaining tip-top physical form is beneficial in so, so many ways. You can manhandle heavy objects with the greatest of ease. Removing your shirt at the beach causes women’s bikini tops to suddenly untie and fall off. You’ll get the satisfaction of knowing your biceps are huge when your shirt tears just a little bit every time you put it on. 

If these reasons aren’t enough to get your ass to the gym at this very moment, maybe you should know that investing a little more time in exercise will give you a little extra time in the bedroom. As it turns out, lifting a couple extra weights will turn you into a lovemaking machine.

Fitness expert and personal trainer Don Saladino of Drive495 (the guy who trains superheroes like Deadpool‘s Ryan Reynolds and Captain America‘s Sebastian Stan, among others) shared his expert tips on why getting fit will allow you (and your lady) to have the best sex you’ve ever had. By following his guidelines and expertise exactly, your trademark slogan should mirror that of the Energizer bunny.

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It’s a marathon, not a race: “Just like an athlete going into the field of battle, pumping and humping require stamina and energy,” Saladino says. “The evidence and research is clear that exercising and living a healthy lifestyle will improve sex drive and stamina on both ends.”

Cardio matters. “For the male, an increased level of testosterone as well as more blood flow throughout the body will contribute to better erections as well as overall increased stamina and energy,” Saladino says, “The improvement of rest and nutrition will also assist in optimal hormone function. When the hormones are optimal, you can expect an increased sex drive as well as better endurance with the potential ability to repeat sexual activity.”

Let your partner join in: “For the female, all the same rules apply as well,” Saladino says. “A strong pelvic floor and kegal exercises can contribute to contracting. More contractions and a mind-to-body connection could contribute to better and more frequent orgasms.” 

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