This Guy Blew $1 Million From a Bank Glitch On Cocaine, Cars and Strippers

What would you do?

Guy with stripper
This dude knows what he’d do.

If you woke up one day and discovered there was no way you could overdraw your banking account, what would you do? A lot of people might just do exactly what an Australian named Luke Moore did: live it up until someone said stop.

Unfortunately for New South Wales resident Moore, his signal to stop was when he was arrested and charged with fraud in 2015. Before that Tennyson must have noticed he could spend money and never run out. Not questioning whether that was a major bank error which essentially gave him unlimited funds, he reportedly purchased an Aston Martin and a Maserati

Luke Moore, former millionaire
Luke Moore

Moore eventually spent the equivalent of $1.5 million in US dollars, which is $2.1 million in Australian money. 

The 29-year-old was initially sentenced to four years in jail, but recently he was freed, according to the Post, because a judge agreed with an appeal which contended Moore didn’t mean to deceive anyone. He was just having fun. 

Moore is now just a regular broke guy living with his mom and studying criminal law. 

Asked by the Australian Daily Telegraph if he missed rolling in the green, Moore said no, aside from ” the cocaine, the strippers and fast cars.” 

Who wouldn’t miss that? 

h/t NY Post