This is the Age When Women Achieve The Best Orgasms of Their Lives, According to Science

The exact age of a woman’s sexual peak may surprise you…


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There’s been a general idea in pop culture for years that women achieve their sexual peak in their thirties. A new study conducted by the people behind the contraceptive app Natural Cycles seems to indicate there’s some truth in that. 

Natural Cycles asked 2600 women to complete a standard questionnaire about female sexuality, then divided the responses into three categories: age 23 and under, ages 23 to 36, and 36 and over. And the winner was…36-year-old women. 

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Of the women who answered the questions, those in the older age group reported having more fun in bed in general, feeling more attractive, and best of all, having the most intense big O’s

In the end, as the New York Post reported, winning the orgasm lottery may have more to do with the woman’s confidence than anything else:

The women in their late 30s and above were most confident in their own skin, scoring 10 percent higher than the middle age group, who were the least happy with how they looked.

The youngest age group scored in the middle of the two for how attractive they felt but scored the lowest when asked about how often they orgasm.

More than half the women in what we assume must be the happiest age group indicated that in addition to having intense orgasms, they had more of them in general. 

Women and men sometimes view the thirties as the gateway to old age, using ridiculous standards such as pro athletes who retire at 39 or 40 to judge themselves. It looks like for women, at least, there’s a pretty good reason to look forward to that decade—as long as they can find a partner who will keep up with them.