Anonymous Just Declared ‘Total War’ on Donald Trump

“This is not a warning, this is a declaration of total war.”

Vigilante hacker group Anonymous has a brand new target: presidential candidate Donald Trump.

In a new video posted last week, members of the sprawling hacker collective declared “total war” on the Republican frontrunner, calling upon fellow hackers to join forces to “dismantle his campaign.”

“We need you to shut down his websites, to research and expose what he doesn’t want the public to know,” stated an individual in a Guy Fawkes mask in a manner consistent with past Anonymous videos. “We need to dismantle his campaign and sabotage his brand.”

“We are encouraging every able person with a computer to participate in this operation,” he added. “This is not a warning, this is a declaration of total war. Donald Trump – it is too late to expect us.”

This isn’t the first time the hacker collective has targeted Trump. At the end of 2015, following the Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims entering the U.S., Anonymous took down websites associated with the candidate’s business holdings. The group recently took credit for hacking Trump’s voicemails and releasing messages that showed journalists (including liberal media outlet MSNBC) attempting to curry favor with the candidate.

Given that Anonymous’ war on ISIS in revenge for the Paris attacks resulted in a a few hackers sporadically shutting down Twitter accounts and defacing websites, it’s unlikely that this group of motley hackers will bring down the juggernaut that is the Trump campaign. Still, watching Anonymous and Trump face down on the internet is going to be damn fun to watch.

h/t Engadget