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July 27, 2016
The hacktivist collective attacked the actress/comedian for her DNC speech.
ISIS Twitter hacked with pro-gay images. (Image: Twitter)
June 17, 2016
Jihadis have never been so fabulously colorful.
June 9, 2016
And there’s absolutely nothing the porn-hating terrorists can do about it.
March 24, 2016
“We will track you down, we will find you, we are everywhere, and we are more than you can imagine.”
Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 6.53.47 PM.png
March 17, 2016
“Donald Trump, you should have expected us.”
March 15, 2016
“This is not a warning, this is a declaration of total war.”
February 17, 2016
Rescued from a terrible fate indeed.
Anonymous Op Flint
January 21, 2016
They say the media failed residents of the city. Now they’re taking a stand.