ISIS Twitter Accounts Were Hilariously Hacked With Rainbows and Porn

Jihadis have never been so fabulously colorful.

ISIS Twitter hacked with pro-gay images. (Image: Twitter)

The Islamic State (ISIS) has reserved some of their most atrocious acts for gays in Iraq and Syria, like pushing victims off tall buildings. Omar Mateen—the sexually confused psychopath who attacked a gay bar in Orlando and committed America’s deadliest mass shooting to date—claimed he was acting in allegiance with the jihadi state. 

So it’s only appropriate that an Anonymous-affiliated hacker, WauchulaGhost, has been busy hacking pro-ISIS social media and plastering them with porn and pro-LGBT finery.

A few examples from his Twitter account give a pretty good indication as to what WauchulaGhost has been up to.

“Daesh doesn’t like porn,” Ghost told the Washington Post, using the Arabic pejorative for the group. They also “don’t like women in general,” he continued, so hackers like him and other Anonymous adherents “started using it to poke fun at them and diminish their presence online.”

Speaking with Newsweek, Ghost was direct about his purpose in sabotaging ISIS social media wherever possible. He “did it for the lives lost in Orlando,” he said, because “Daesh [ISIS] have been spreading and praising the attack, so I thought I would defend those that were lost.”

“The taking of innocent lives will not be tolerated,” Ghost said.

Hacking is illegal in many cases, but if there’s ever been an instance when no reasonable person would do anything but cheer the hacker on, this is probably it.