Watch This Tech Take a Coke-Fueled Joyride in a Customer’s Car

This seems like a job for Johnny Football!

Audi makes great luxury cars. It would be reasonable to assume their service stations are staffed by well-trained workers who take great care when working with customers’ cars to get them road-ready.

As this clip shows, it might be a mistake to make such assumptions about this Palo Alto Audi service center, as evidenced by this employee’s crazy test drive.

We’re all for giving the guy the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he was just making sure that engine clank was gone. And maybe when he said “This is going to be fun,” at the beginning of the video, he meant that it was going to be fun feeling the satisfaction of a job well done. And maybe that 0-60 test was just a routine check of the car’s acceleration. Also: maybe the stop in the parking lot to hit a quick couple lines of blow was — okay, we’ve got nothing for that one. 

The guy’s stint with Audi is probably over, but this incident certainly makes the idea of installing a dashboard cam in your car before getting it serviced  seem like a wise thing to do. 

Also, maybe pay close attention to any tell-tale white powder on the dashboard next time you get your car back from the shop. 

h/t Reddit