Build A Concorde Supersonic Jet With This 2,083-Piece LEGO Set

Prepare for flight.

Lego is nothing if not about spurring your imagination (and perhaps recapturing a sense of childhood nostalgia), and even if you never flew on a Concorde jet, the experience can now be yours — from the comfort of your own home.


The latest Lego set joins some seriously innovative projects from the toymaker, including an impressive run of Lego supercars, and the Lego Concorde Set should spare no detail.

(Lego Supercars/Courtesy of Lego)

Lego supercars are similarly intricate and true to form, and they also take on some of the most iconic designs in the auto and aviation worlds at large.

The 2,083-piece set is an accurate scale model of the iconic, lightning-fast Concorde model, although it’s not quite as rare (only 14 Concorde planes were ever in service).


Features include its instantly recognizable design sans tail, plus its curved delta wing and adjustable droop nose.


As Lego says of the set (which is set to release in September), the latest offering is “rich in detail, with a removable roof to show off the opulent cabin interior.”

And the set is also priced at a level that could lead to quick sales: It’ll be available for $199.99 starting September 7th (or September 4th for LEGO VIPs).

Lego calls the Concorde, “arguably one of the most iconic and famous aircrafts in history,” and a touch of that heritage can now be yours with an inventive, imaginative design.