Two Women Busted For $30 Million In Cocaine Also Took Some Great Instagram Pics

Before they were busted with 200 pounds of blow, they instagrammed their lavish drug smuggling cruise.

Lagace and Roberge Insta

Lagace and Roberge Insta

To all appearances Canadians Mélina Roberge and Isabelle Lagacé were a pair of young, attractive women on a cruise ship vacation. They were doing what any tourist would do today as well, posting selfies with blissful-sounding captions on Instagram. 

There was just the problem, according to Australia’s Federal Police (AFP), of the 200-plus pounds of cocaine—around $30 million in street value—the pair had in their suitcases. 

Melina Instagram
Mélina Roberge in a “peaceful” place. (Instagram)

Along with a 63-year-old countryman named Andre Tamine, Roberge and Lagacé were arrested on August 28th by the AFP. The Aussie agency discovered the cache of coke in luggage linked to the Canadians after boarding Princess Cruise’s MS Sea Princess, which was berthed in Sydney Harbor, reported the CBC.

Melina and Isabelle cocaine Instagram
Mélina Roberge and Isabelle Lagacé (Photo: Roberge’s Instagram)

Tamine, Roberge and Lagacé could spend life in prison for—in the words of the Aussie Federal Police—”importing a commercial quantity of cocaine” if they are convicted of the crime. 

Isabelle Lagace Instagram
Isabelle Lagacé (Instagram)

Tamine, Roberge and Lagacé boarded the MS Sea Princess for what Lagacé hashtagged #WorldCruise2016 on her Instagram at Southampton in the United Kingdom. 

The AFP is currently investigating whether the trio brought the cocaine with them from the UK or whether they acquired it “from one of several South American ports the ship visited on its way to Australia,” reported the CBC.

Little is known about Lagacé’s and Roberge’s lives outside carefully cultivated social media presences, but a look at their Instagram accounts reveals that regardless of whether they were actually running coke or not, they were having a hell of a good time until they reached Australia.

If you’re going to get popped for what the Australian Border Force has said was the largest attempted cocaine smuggling they’ve encountered on a cruise ship, you might as well look great doing it.

h/t CBC