This Part-Time Cannabis Reviewer Job Pays $30,000 a Year To Test Weed Products

“If you have a way with words and a passion for cannabis, you’ll love this gig.”

CBD Oracle

Occasionally a job comes up that just feels like destiny opening up a path for you. This might not be that job, but it’s still pretty amazing — if you find the prospect of getting paid a killer part-time wage for partaking in every aspect of the cannabis business amazing. 

Really, if you consider how many friends old and new would utterly envy anyone with this position offered by CBD Oracle, that alone might be worth it.

“Looking for a passionate cannabis connoisseur!” reads the job ad, “Ready to beat the Pandemic Recession and Lockdowns doing something you love? Full Training Given and products provided.” 

CBD Oracle

The thing is, an avid affection for all things cannabis-related certainly counts, but that’s not the only thing CBD Oracle is looking for. 

See if this description of what CBD Oracle is looking for in a candidate for this position fits you:

CBD Oracle
  • Must be over the age of 21
  • Experience using cannabis and CBD products
  • Deep knowledge of cannabis strains, benefits, genetics, history, and terminology
  • Able to translate technical information into engaging and entertaining content.
  • Live in a state where medical or recreational marijuana is legal.
  • Excellent writing skills (knowing the difference between there, their, and they’re a bonus)
  • Comfortable being in front of a camera (we may ask you to create unboxing videos)
  • The stamina and tolerance needed to smoke, vape, and generally consume weed daily. If you’re a cannabis lightweight, this opportunity isn’t for you.
  • In good health and able to consume cannabis products without causing you (or your neighbors) harm.
  • Comfortable to openly write about weed under your real name – even if your grandma finds out! (…)
  • You’ve written for other cannabis sites and have a strong portfolio
  • You have an active social following (preferably related to cannabis)
  • Background in journalism
  • You are at one with the cannabis community and frequently engage with other like-minded cannabis enthusiasts (online or otherwise). Alternatively, you’ve worked at cannabis companies and organizations in the past. If both, that’s a huge bonus!

Note, everything through “Comfortable to openly write about weed under your real name – even if your grandma finds out!” are requirements the company considers necessary. After that, the list is about what your possible future employer would find ideal in a candidate.

Don’t let the “CBD” fool you — this is about more than just the soothing but non-psychoactive ingredient available for purchase almost anywhere. As CBD Oracle notes, they are “giving you free weed to try. All you have to do is use that awesome penmanship you’ve been blessed with, give an honest opinion on the free pot we send you, and see the review published on our website with your name proudly stamped on it. Simple as that!”

So if you live in a state where ganja is legal for recreational as well as medical use, here’s what you can expect to sample, according to the company: “Cannabis and CBD flower, edibles, oils and tinctures, infused beverages, vaporizers.”

The position does indeed pay “up to” $30,000 yearly and it is a part-time contract. A rep for the company summed up what they seek in an email to, writing, “If you have a way with words and a passion for cannabis, you’ll love this gig. You get to spend your days telling pot connoisseurs (and medical patients) which strains to pass on and which ones are going to be their best buds forever.” 

If you’re ready to get high in the name of informing cannabis consumers nationwide, applying for the position is as easy as going here: The window for applications closes May 10, and the start date for the lucky applicant is June 1, 2021.