Watch The Insane Fiery Airborne Crash That Knocked Scott Dixon Out of the Indy 500

“It was a wild ride.”

Leading contender Scott Dixon was blown out of the Indianapolis 500 in explosive fashion Sunday when his car was obliterated in a stunning high-speed crash. Miraculously, the New Zealander walked away from the wreck.

The impact didn’t cause the destruction, that came from Dixon’s car pinwheeling horizontally across the inner retaining wall. After it skidded to a halt, unrecognizable, Dixon climbed out and was reportedly greeted by a “roar from the crowd,” according to the AP.

Dixon, who won the 2008 Indy 500, said he was “a little beaten up there” and it had “definitely” been one hell of a “rough ride,” the AP reported. Naturally, he also said he was disappointed on behalf of his racing team. “We had a great shot,” he told the AP, “We had gotten a little loose but they had dialed it in.”  

Jay Howard was the other driver in the collision. He also managed to walk away, and the AP reports he placed blame for the whole thing on driver Ryan Hunter-Reay. Howard said he was “just out there trying to pick up some laps and Hunter-Reay got a run on me.” The AP quoted him saying he was “trying to be a nice guy” prior to the bust-up.  

Dixon probably summed up the crash better than anyone, of course: “It was a wild ride.”

No kidding.

h/t Associated Press via the New York Post