Meet the NRA Beauty Whose Fired-Up Video Has Caused a Furor Online

Some say her new video advocates violence. What do you think?
Dana Loesch

Conservative firebrand Dana Loesch caused a major stir this week after hosting a dramatic commercial for the the gun rights organization. 

The telegenic Loesch, who hosts her own show, Dana, on The Blaze, calls for gun owners to "save their country and freedom" by fighting the "violence of lies" from the mainstream media and the progressive left "with the clenched fist of truth" amid a backdrop of dire imagery seen in the video below.

She also accuses opponents of President Trump of using "schools to teach children that their president is another Hitler," and adds that former President Obama "endorses the resistance." 

The controversial ad has freaked out plenty of gun-control advocates, with some even branding the video "an open call to violence." One overexcited Facebook user went so far as to say that the slickly-produced clip could incite a second American Civil War. 

Loesch--who's also a nationally syndicated radio host, author and NRA spokesperson--is a certainly a diehard proponent of gun rights.   

She's also an avowed fan of Motörhead and Metallica, so even if you don't agree with her political views, you've gotta admit she has decent taste in music.

Check out these fired-up shots from her Instagram feed below: