Elon Musk Just Revealed the SpaceX Astronaut Suit and Holy Sh*t, The Future Is HERE

Ground control to Major Musk…

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Billionaire space mogul (is that even a thing?) Elon Musk posted a striking image on his Instagram Wednesday. It’s the suit that SpaceX astronauts will use to protect them when they go up in his Dragon Capsule to destinations like the International Space Station (ISS). 

As the image displays, it’s both a classic nod to the bulky, Michelin Man-style suits worn by the men who first walked on the Moon nearly 50 years ago and something unmistakably sleek and new. Musk admitted in the caption for the image, though, that striking a balance between what such a suit must do to protect the human body and how cool it looks isn’t easy. 

SpaceX Dragon spacecraft docking with the Space Station

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This isn’t just a concept suit. As The Verge reports, SpaceX will begin firing Dragons at the ISS carrying human cargo and the passengers will be wearing these. Musk said they’ve been tested at “double vacuum pressure,” likely meaning they can handle whatever the airless void above the Earth has to throw at them.

And if you’re one of the lucky passengers to take a swing around the Moon aboard a SpaceX craft in 2018, you’ll be wearing one of these, too. 

It looks comfy, sure, but don’t forget there’s still like a bag hidden inside somewhere for your pee. 

h/t The Verge